On-Scene Commanders (IMO Level II)

Course Code: EPCMC 646

Duration: 30 Hr 5D

Course Objectives:

  • Focusing on the essential support s included in the incident command system.
  • Familiarization with the definitions of the on-scene commander`s responsibilities, managament of sea operations, types of countermeasures (their deployment and configurations).
  • Training on managing an oil spill simulated scenario. - Training on deployment of real oil spill combating equipment.

Course Outline:

  • National Oil Spill Contingency plan.
  • Case Study-Real Oil Spill Incident.
  • Overview of oil spills.
  • Safety at the spill site.
  • Behavior & Fate of Spilled oil.
  • Oil Containment Booms.
  • Oil skimmers.
  • Chemical Dispersants.
  • Oil Spill Response Options.
  • Liability & Compensation.
  • Management of Oily wastes.
  • Oil Spill Crisis Management ( Incident Command System).
  • Communication and Information Sharing.
  • Sensitivity Mapping.
  • Shoreline Types and Clean-Up.


  • Oil Spill Trajectory using Predicition Model
  • Practical sessions for deployment of various kinds of oil spill combating equipment in the training site.

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