Hassan S. Hasaan Abou Zekry
Factors affecting consumer Selection of local supermarkets and hypermarkets brands
It is very important for any brand to identify and understand the elements that can influence consumers and persuade them to Select a certain brand. This issue is crucial especially in the case of competition between local and international brands, as customers nowadays have the opportunity to choose among wide variety of products brands available in the market whether they are local foreign brands. This research aims to describe and understand the factors that have the great influence on the consumer Selection of local brands and also to describe the relationships between these different factors and the consumer Selection of the local brands. This research is also concentrating on measuring the degree of influence of each variable involved in the study on the consumer Selection of the local brands. This study is applied mainly on the grocery retailing sector especially the sector of supermarkets and hypermarkets in Egypt, and all the variables included in this study are concerned with the sector of grocery retailing in Egypt, and therefore, a study for the consumer behavior towards the grocery retailing industry in Egypt is accomplished, and also to answer the research questions. The nature of this study is descriptive, as the research comprises descriptions for the different variables that are involved in the study. This descriptive study is conducted through a questionnaire which is distributed on the customers of the supermarkets and hypermarkets, and also the researcher conducted a pilot study to test the validity and reliability of the questionnaire. The empirical work in this study involves a lot of major points which are testing the reliability of the questionnaire, the frequency distribution of the questions, the normality test, correlation of the relations between the dependent and the independent variables to test the significance of these relations, and finally the regression model to test the effect of the independent variables on the dependent variable. The findings of this research reinforce most of the findings of the past studies that ensure the important role played by the tangible and the intangible factors on the consumer Selection of the local grocery retail stores. Keywords: local brands, ethnocentrism, retailing, supermarkets, branding, hedonic values, utilitarian values.