Salma S Soliman
Object Choreography: Design for movement
Why does our built environment inhibit much of our bodily movements and does not support the variety of postures our bodies can perform?. Rudolf Laban said “We should be able to do every imaginable movement and then Select those which seem to be the most suitable and desirable for our own nature". This research questions the role of gravity that has always been running in the background of our lives, underneath our feet, governing everything around us, yet we tend to take its symbiotic relationship with movement for granted. The aim is to explore and expand different concepts and associations related to movement and play, driven by a variety of contexts and purposes. This research goes from the broad concept of ‘play’ to particular applications that address issues related to movement. The three main areas are: - The Push of Gravity: play, movement and stimulation. - ‘Lab’ of Ideas: prototyping and gamification of the design process. - The Game of Science: A prototype of a game designed for people with Parkinson’s disease.