Hossam Eldin H Abd Elhakeem
Key Features for Developing Effective Offshore Safety and Regulatory Framework within The Egyptian Oil and Gas Industry
ABSTRACT The oil and gas industry has an increasing development rate introducing new techniques of exploration and exploitation innovation. New Offshore oil and gas exploration and exploitation activities are being utilized in Egypt presenting a unique combination of advanced technology and remarkable harsh working conditions. Such aspects of the industry can create potential hazards that need to be identified and adequately controlled. Accordingly, adopting specific and effective safety administrative framework managing such dynamic rapidly changing nature of hazards and risks has become one of the needs of Egypt's oil and gas industry. In face of the promising future development of the offshore oil and gas activities in Egypt which involves distinctive levels of intervention with operating establishments working in consistency with internationally recognized safety framework. This study intends to examine the appropriateness and adequacy of the current national regulatory structure covering both safety and health aspects, by displaying a comprehensive analysis of the present applicable safety legislation in Egypt contrasted with the safety and health framework embraced in the United Kingdom as one of the world's leading safety systems in the oil and gas industry, keeping in mind the end goal to highlight the administrative gaps and investigate alternatives to fill them. This research study highlights a potential gap in the Egyptian oil and gas regulatory framework in its present status which may lead to a significant risk to the offshore industry, environment and worker`s health and safety in Egypt. The key features for enhancing the current Egyptian national regulatory framework are concluded through this study with a special focus on the most implemented safety strategies upon which offshore activities are being based globally, such as the safety case approach and the role of the specialized offshore safety division in ensuring adequate control of the offshore oil and gas industrial hazards. Keywords: Offshore, Industry, National, Regulatory, Safety, Legislation, Egypt