Mohamed Mah. A El fatah Hafez
Abstract Organizations like Ports Authorities and its security departments, more less, face several obstacles in their effort to develop management, strategic planning and performance measurement systems that deal with all issues important to be measured. In managing port operations and growth, administration strategies must include systems for supporting the port’s core business needs like security requirements. The port manager and his staff are responsible for creating competitive advantages for the port users, and improve the port’s operational efficiency in addition to address users’ needs acknowledge the most of security measures. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) performance measurement system is a tool capable of providing solutions to all aforementioned issues. Although the (BSC) was designed for for-profit organizations, many nonprofits have used the scorecard with success in determining the effectiveness of the organization in relation to the mission. The (BSC) is made up of four perspectives 1) Financial 2) Internal Business Processes 3) Learning & Growth and 4) Customer. Nonprofits can modify the (BSC) by moving the financial perspective to the bottom and moving the customer perspective to the top. The scope of this research is limited to hub ports and major Port facilities which have large scale and independent ports and Port facilities security department, and focus in security strategic planning and management in addition to performance measure. The Problem of this research is the weaknesses and obstacles facing the management and performance measurement for port / port facility security departments in addition to the shortage of link between the strategic planning and the operational level to achieve security measure and requirement. The main research question is “Is the balanced scorecard (BSC) an effective management system and performance measurement tool that improves the performance and strategic planning of ports and port facilities security department?” In this research the qualitative analytical techniques have been applied by investigating and analyzing available literature and previous studies relating to (BSC) to achieve the Research aims which are evaluating how the usage of the (BSC) is improving management and the performance measurement. The main research results are to develop and design a proposed Strategy map to corporate performance measurement in Port facility security Management.