Mohamed Mah. A El fatah Hafez
Piracy in Gulf of Guinea causes, efforts and solutions
Abstract Piracy is a global phenomenon negatively affecting the security of the entire maritime traffic in the world. There are three geographical areas which have become zones of concern. Piracy in South East Asia, specially the Strait of Malacca and the South China Sea has been seen as problematic from the 1990s onwards. The coast of Somalia and the Horn of Africa achieves increasing attention since 2007 on the other side Piracy in West Africa, notably the Gulf of Guinea, has become the third major recognized area under threat since 2011. In all cases major international shipping routes are concerned and fairly extensive regional and international actions have addressed piracy. This paper use qualitative research technique by demonstrating the current maritime security situation in west of Africa especially Gulf of Guinea supported by statistical analysis of piracy incidents through (2010-2016) , discusses the causes and the regional efforts dealing with this dilemma, then presents a number of recommendation aiming to eradicate the threat of piracy and enhance maritime security in that region. As a result of this paper None of recommendations will gain enough progress to be self-sustaining, however, until the considerations of maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea is raised from the operational to the governmental level and there is political willingness in West African countries to defend the region’s waters, the Gulf of Guinea will remain a challenged security area. Keywords: Maritime Security, Piracy, Gulf of Guinea.