Prof. Islam El-Nakib
The supply and demand of logistics services in Egypt: the case of logistics service providers and the Egyptian industrial sector
The industrial world has witnessed significant development of the Logistics Service Providers industry in the less developed countries. Therefore, this research aims at drawing the attention of the Egyptian market to the crucial role that LSPs can play for the prosperity of the Egyptian industries. A case study method used in this research based on two questionnaires targeting the firms of LSPs and manufacturers located in Alexandria and industrial areas in Egypt. The LSP industry has rapidly grown in developed countries while in Egypt it is still in its infancy. The reason of the high prices of Egyptian products is attributed to the mismanagement of the supply chain activities which results in high production cost which is reflected on the prices of products. LSPs will reduce time and effort for manufacturers who will be better able to focus on core activities. This research provides a brief and accessible outline of the development of LSPs in the Egyptian market which requires the cooperation of providers, users and policy makers to enhance their capabilities to operate more effectively in an integrated economic environment.