Prof. Islam El-Nakib
The Business Value of Supply Chain Security: Empirical study on the Egyptian Drinking Milk Sector
Global supply chains are facing different risks that made companies more aware of the vulnerability of their supply chains, and encouraged them to seek ways to reduce these risks. This research aims at examining how companies in the Egyptian drinking milk sector understand the business value of Supply Chain Security (SCS) investments by identifying the benefits that can bring to their business. A questionnaire was conducted on 18 producers in Egypt who present about 93% of the market share to assess the SCS capabilities for further improvements. Findings showed that investments in SCS are not very popular in the dairy sector. Several companies revealed that the SCS investments resulted in operational improvements, mitigation of risks, and cost reduction. Finally, the research recommends several insights into effects of the performance of milk producers in Egypt through their SCS investments. Keywords: Supply Chain Security, Dairy Products, Egypt.