Prof. Islam El-Nakib
Investigating the Change in Firm Performance using Balanced Scorecard: An Empirical Study of Logistics Service Providers in Egypt
The purpose of this research is to examine the role and effects of Change Management (CM) on the performance of LSPs in Egypt through using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). The BSC is one of the practical methods that can be used in evaluating the impact of changes on performance through linking the BSC and the ‘change’ four dimensions. This research follows a quantitative approach using questionnaire from a sample of 450 LSPs. Descriptive statistics and inferential analysis are performed. The findings showed a significant impact of the different types of changes on performance of LSPs through the BSC measurement. These types of changes would then be emphasized as key to drive performance improvement. This research could influence LSPs in Egypt to use the BSC as a tool to assess their performance. In addition, it provides a novel approach in the method of assessing the impact of change on the performance of LSPs in Egypt for further recommended developments. Keywords: Logistics Service Providers, Balanced Scorecard, Change Management, Performance measurement, Egypt. Subject classification codes: Research paper