Prof. Islam El-Nakib
The Selection Criteria of Global Distributors in the Fire Protection Industry
In the supply chain of the fire fighting protection industry, the Selection of the right overseas distributors is a strategic advantage for the manufacturer. Improper Selection of a potential overseas distributor can negatively affect the supply chain performance. Thus, this research tries to point out the current Selection criteria used by the fire fighting and fire alarm products manufacturers (FF/FA PMs). In addition, the research attempts to determine how FF/FA PMs evaluate the following four criteria to Select the overseas distributors: 1) influence in the market 2) financial strength 3) commitment 4) logistical capabilities. The conclusion of this study is that Selecting the right overseas distributor is a main requirement for FF/FA PMs' effective performance. It is recommended that the company who looks to become an overseas distributor for FF/FA PMS should know the manufacturers' requirements from the distributors also manufacturers should have predetermined criteria based on which they can Select distributors who can represent them in the market.