Ahmed T Dahroug
The impact of social media on enhancing students' performance in online learning systems
Identifying Students’ learning styles enhances the learning progress and improves learning quality. Learning management systems (LMS) are very successful in e-learning even though they do not include learning styles. As learning styles must be taken into consideration in LMS, students’ behavior in online courses needs to be analyzed and observed as well. In the beginning we show how students with different learning styles act differently and process information in different ways. Secondly, a new technique for determining learning styles based on students’ behavior to social media is suggested. Finally, a model for course personalization and presentation is proposed based on Felder-Silverman for different learning styles. Learning over social media platform became very easy and entertaining. The purpose of this research is to analyze and observe different users behavior while using social networks and how to use the collected data to help in enhancing students’ grades for online learning systems rather than the traditional approaches used. The information gained from the data analysis will improve the ability in personalization and adaptation of course content in online learning systems. Personalized e-learning system allows the idea of the adaptation of courses and teaching instructions based on the student profile where student profile holds all data related to the student which can help to accomplish this goal. According to those are: user’s knowledge, goals, experience in the e-learning environment, user’s preferences and learning style. Preferences are associated with student’s psychological profile. Learning style can be defined as “the characteristic cognitive, affective and physiological behaviors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how learners perceive, interact with and respond to the learning environment”. The more accurate the determination of students’ learning styles, the more adaptive and personalized the course can get.