Dr. Zizi Zidan
The Impact of Just in Time System on Egyptian Manufacturing Companies "Applied Study of Manufacturing Companies"
In its different aspects, the research tackles production and cost systems with focusing on manufacturing system in the Just-In-Time (JIT) system, analyzing it and then studying its different profits in qualitative control and raising manufacturing process’ performance efficiency which achieves ways of supporting modern production strategies as much as possible and giving a clearer view about performance assessment. A questionnaire form has been designed to prove reject hypotheses of the study as it was distributed on the community of the study that includes Egyptian agricultural sector with its sample consisting of 10 manufacturing companies. All questionnaires have been returned and analyzed according to SPSS program. The research resulted in a set of important conclusions and recommendations including that the JIT system leads to reduce leans in the production process through ignoring unnecessary activities that hinder production process and help decrease product’s cost, improve operational performance and raise efficiency. As a result, this leads to improve product’s quality and putting it in a good competitive situation which achieves continuity of the Company and keeping its market share in the current environment.