Ehab I Etman
The Role of Automatic Identification System (AIS) in Enhancing Vessel Traffic Management
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted a new requirement for ships to carry automatic identification system (AIS), which is capable of providing safety and navigation related information - about the ship to other ships and to coastal authorities. AIS could be a great tool for VTS operations in generating a comprehensive view of the traffic in the VTS area. It will help the VTS in compiling the traffic image of the VTS area and it will facilitate significantly the tracking of traffic as well as the communication process throughout the VTS area. Furthermore, AIS will improve the quality of shipping information service and will contribute positively to many of the VTS applications and allied services. This paper will identify how the information technology may contribute in improving VTS operations, by clarifying the effect of such technology on each VTS function related to the safety, management and monitoring of maritime traffic.