Ehab I Etman
Simulation Systems & Training Methodology
The revised STCW 95 Convention have adopted the use of simulators as a tool in training and assessment, as a result, high sophisticated technology was introduced in the field of maritime education and training. The use of simulator technology in training created a great responsibility for administrations and maritime institutes to determine the appropriate simulator system in order to fulfil the requirements of “approved simulator training as appropriate” as stated in STCW 95 Code, Part A, column 3. Although the STCW Convention specified the approved performance standards governing the use of simulators in training and assessment which the member states are obliged to comply with, the convention did not specify in details the technical specifications of the approved type simulator the qualification of instructors and assessors involved in the simulator training and assessing as required by the convention. This paper will discuss the determination of the right simulator system in order to fulfil the requirements of STCW 95 Code, Part A, column 3, and the qualifications required for instructors and assessors in maritime institutes involved with the application of simulators.