Miss. Alaa Attia
Investigating Aspects of Supply Chain Risk Management-Case study Egyptair
Abstract Nowadays companies are facing various critical challenges with regards to supply chain management. One of these critical challenges is risk management with its various sources which can be legal/political, social, operational/technical, natural and economic in nature. For this purpose and due to the negative impact that supply chain risks have, companies need to develop effective risk management process to mitigate these risks. Companies who heavily rely on effective and efficient supply chain can gain competitive advantage if they manage the risks within their supply chain network. The objective of this paper is to conduct an in-depth research on supply chain risk management approaches. In order to achieve this objective a case study will be conducted on Egyptair Company from the airline industry. The case study data and the conclusions which are drawn from the study are based on qualitative facts that are gathered through interviews. As a conclusion various risk mitigation strategies for most significant risks faced by Egyptair are discussed and analyzed. Key words: supply chain risk, supply chain risk management