Mohamed H Wahba
“Business process, a rule-based view”
“Firms across all industries are looking to BPM to help gain new efficiencies, create a more consistent customer experience, and provide better data insights” – Forrester, August 2008 “... Business Process Management (BPM) has helped organizations survive by identifying ways to improve business processes and cut costs at the same time” – Gartner, March 2009. These headlines are examples of the benefits that practitioners and literatures of business processes are promising. This article emphasises the importance of process and reviews key issues of process enhancements. The author presents business process management and process modelling as concepts to understand, manage and improve processes and how process modeller could benefit from process rules and entities. Definitions of process rules and entities are presented and the interrelationship between them is declared. Finally, a new modelling technique for a business process using the relationship between process entities and rules are presented.