Mohamed H Wahba
Recruitment Process and its Effect on Employee Selection: an applied Study on a multinational Software Organization in Egypt
This paper aims to examine the main dimensions of the recruitment process to determine the variables that influence hiring employees through making an empirical study of the recruitment and Selection process in one of the software projects organizations and comparing the results found in the company by the standards of the right Selection for employees with the suitable qualifications and skills to be able to achieve their jobs with the highest quality. The Candidates of the job vacancies of the case study organization will be traced how they are tested for a certain job, how an interview could be conducted, at which level he/she is accepted rejected. Also, when candidate is accepted, a trace will be done to check his/her salary level, performance level, and other points that may affect the employee Selection and performance. Some dimensions determined to be considered when doing recruitment Selection with comparison between Current Process and the Standard Process of Selection and recruitment, and also determined future research points.