Mohamed H Wahba
The Impact of Training and Development Activities on Women Subjective Career Success "an applied study on The Egyptian Customs Sector
As Egyptian says, "Women are half of society". So, they have to enjoy all rights men are enjoying. One of the most important rights, from Egyptian women point of view, is to enter the labor market and have the same career opportunities and development. This paper aims to investigate the impact of training and development activities on women subjective career success "An applied study on The Egyptian Customs Sector". The study is conducted by distributing a questionnaire on 60 working women in managerial positions and measures their career success's level of satisfaction and training activities. The data was obtained and analyzed, in which it concluded a high degree of job satisfaction level as well as high degree of training satisfaction. It also shows that level of job satisfaction was not only affected by training, but there are also other factors that can be measured for future researches as mentioned in the article