Mohamed H Wahba
The impact of leadership types on the employee willing-cooperation "an applied study on the Egyptian customs sector"
There is redoubt that the organizational viability depends in part on effective leadership. Effective leaders engage in both professional and personal leadership behaviors and besides that impact employee willing-cooperation also (Masrranglo, et al, 2004). So, this study aims to investigate the impact of the personal and professional leadership on the employee willing-cooperation. The study conducted and applied on the employees who working in the Egyptian customs sector. Data collected and obtained by distributing a questionnaire on 150 employees in the Egyptian customs which measuring their opinions about their managerial leaders personal leadership indicators(e.g. building trust, caring for people, and acting morally)and professional leadership indicators (e.g. setting a mission , creating a process for achieving goals, aligning process and rules).Through data analysis it concluded that the personal leadership is a great mediator of the relationship between professional leadership and presences of willing-cooperation.the result discussion and point for future research presented also.