Mohamed H Wahba
Learning organization Practices Impact on Employee's Organizational Commitment "An applied study on ASSTMT Employees"
This paper aims to test the impact of learning organization practices on the organizational commitment of the employees through measuring the relation between the learning organization dimensions and organizational commitment among the "Arab academy for science and technology and maritime transfer" managerial employees, The questionnaire was based on learning organization and organizational commitment indicators that had been modified and used locally .The study conducted in 2 months. The paper surveyed the literature review of the learning organization concept, organizational commitment, organizational learning. The study shows that, there is a significant relationship between learning organization and organizational commitment. Also the organizational commitment in the organization understudy is more explained by learning organization team and organizational level, than the individual level. Therefore, learning organization and organizational commitment are deeply interwoven and opens up new questions to be explored by future research such as: assessment the reasons behind the non-significant relationship between individual level and organizational commitment. Also it is recommended for the organization to enhance their employee commitment level.