Kesmat M Elasayed
Success Factors for deploying cloud computing in eHealth (Case of Egypt)
Developing countries lack resources, infrastructure and the perception of the vast benefits recent technologies may offer. Developing countries different sectors especially healthcare suffer from redundancy, lack of communication, lack of information, lack of resources, lack of sharing and lack of supervision as well as diagnosis errors. Cloud computing may offer great opportunities for the developing countries to modernize the healthcare sector and hence overcome the problems it suffers. Cloud Computing is an affordable and effective option for solving the healthcare problems I developing countries by enabling effectiveness , cost reduction , scalability, sharing, supervision, reliability and availability of information. Adoption of the cloud computing poses different challenges and obstacles which may complicate the actual implementation. This study aims at investigating the success factors for deploying cloud computing within eHealth sector in developing countries and consequently the study employed the case of Egypt as a developing country. The technology of cloud computing was chosen because of its advantages, for which the researcher wanted to examine the possibility of exploiting it for a developing country’s better future. Through the study, the researcher was able to deploy success factors from different studies and carry out a mixed methodology research approach to test the criticality of the factors. The researcher was able to test the critical factors quantitatively and qualitatively and hence conclude a model for the success factors for cloud computing implementation. The model includes all the critical success factors and the effect of demographics on the factors for a successful implementation of cloud computing in healthcare. The purpose of the study is mainly to contribute in helping the developing countries exploit the benefits of cloud computing to cope with the west and therefore enhance as well as modernize different sectors. Applying the study in Egypt, The study may be helpful if there is an actual implementation of the cloud in the eHealth sector. It may also offer a resourceful and helpful start for the public and private sectors as well as researchers and healthcare businesses in general.