Ahmed M Ezzat
The Impact of logistics services on intra-Arab trade: with application using gravity model
Intra-Arab trade has been a relatively small portion of total Arab trade, both in absolute terms and relative to other regions. We aimed to identify the reasons of weakness of intra-Arab trade. Specially, in the light of the failure of the application of tariff exemptions in the framework of the Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA) to make a leap in the value of intra-Arab trade. Also, we used gravity model to determine the significance of the low performance of logistics services within the barriers to develop intra-Arab trade. The thesis ended up by studying ways to develop intra-Arab trade through improving the quality of logistics services associated with trade between Arab countries. We concluded that logistics performance is relatively low in Arab countries relative to other regional blocks like EAFTA and MERCOSUR. and the econometric study proved that the relatively low performance of logistics services affects badly the intra-Arab trade during the period of the study.