Yasmine H. Ramzy
Developing and Managing Egyptian Tourism through Public- Private Partnership
Tourism from its early beginnings has been a private sector activity. Governments after witnessing the growing industry recognized that their intervention is a must. The revolutionary government in Egypt became interested in tourism promotion. Government should mainly play the role of a catalyst. In addition, the rationale for public sector involvement in tourism has another important dimension, that of leadership. Public sector intervention is to regulate private sector activities, provide non remunerative infrastructure and superstructure, to remove obstacles to more effective private sector performance and to redress market failures. It is important to state that the issue of government achieving a proper balance to serve a tourism industry goal becomes an incentive for it to take thorough steps to reshape the industry in Egypt. A key reason for choosing partnership in managing and developing tourism is the belief that the tourist destination may be able to gain a competitive advantage by bringing together the knowledge, expertise, capital and other resources of both the public and private sectors. It is important to mention that all parties involved should have the opportunity to participate in decision- making that affect their interests. This is in order to ensure cooperation and coordination.