Yasmine H. Ramzy
The impact of climate change on tourism in Egypt as perceived by both policy makers and tourism managers
There is evidence indicating that global climate has changed and is anticipated to continue to change over the 21stcentury and beyond. With its close connections to the environment and climate itself, tourism is considered to be highly climate- sensitive sector similar to agriculture and transportation. The regional manifestations of climate change will be highly relevant for tourism destination and tourist alike, requiring adaptation by all major tourism stakeholders. Tourism can play a significant role in addressing climate change, if the innovation and resources of this vital global economic sector are fully mobilized and oriented toward this goal. This paper examines the views of Egyptian policymakers and tourism managers on potential climate change impacts on Egypt’s tourism industry, and their policies and action plans in response to such impacts. The paper concludes with a number of adaptation strategies that Egyptian tourism policymakers and tourism managers could adopt to mitigate climate change. The importance of this paper lies in understanding and analyzing how climate change impacts Egypt as a destination from perspectives of both policymakers and the industry.