Khaled Mahar
Software Project Estimation Model Using Function Point Analysis with CBR Support
this paper addresses the problem of software cost estimation (sce) by providing an overview to the most important researches that have been done in this area. also, it presents a new proposed model with the aim of effectively specifying estimates for size, effort, duration,cost of software to be developed. the main concern of the proposed model is to create a general model that can be fitted onto any software independent of the methodologytechnology utilized for the development. the model provides an approach linking the function point analysis (fpa) technique with a case-based reasoning (cbr) system in order to predict estimates for effort, schedulecost of future development projects. fpa technique has been chosen because it measures the functionality delivered by software without being influenced by the technologythe language being used. also, a cbr system is used to help effectively in establishing the relationship between the criteriathe metrics based upon experience gained from past similar software projects. the proposed model avoids some of the limitations of the cbr systems that can arise, if no matches are found with the stored projects, by dividing the project into taskstrying to find a match with similar tasks.