Miss. Alaa Othman
Factors Influencing the Purchasing Decisions of Low Emission cars: Comparing Study between Egypt and Slovenia
This paper provides a study about the factors influencing the purchasing of low emission vehicles. In order to achieve the objectives of the paper, and in the light of the pool of literature and availability of data, the authors relied on qualitative methods to offers a comparison between Egypt as a developing country and Slovenia as a developed country, through analysing a survey that involves an Egyptian sample and Slovenian samples, it also studies the effect of different push and pull methods on different buyers in order to help the governments as well as the manufacturers to understand the most significant factors that affects the purchasing behaviour of LEV in the future. The results of this paper shows the important vehicle performance factors, financial considerations and Environmental considerations along with the gender and age of the consumer and show that consumers are more interested in the total price of the car than in different taxes.