Dr. Sahar S Elbarky
Drivers and Barriers to Green Supply Chain Management Practices: The Views of Turkish and Egyptian Companies Operating in Egypt
The main purpose of this chapter is to extend the literature on drivers and barriers to GSCM from a different cultural framework, namely Egypt. The chapter is structured as follows. First, the importance and the components of GSCM are discussed briefly. Next, the benefits of GSCM and the main pressures/drivers that force the business sector to migrate its traditional supply chain activities to be green are highlighted. Next, the key theme of this chapter, the barriers and challenges facing the global business sector for extending green supply chain practices are discussed. Then, the results of multiple interviews that were conducted in multinational Turkish and Egyptian companies operating in Egypt are revealed in order to explore the drivers, benefits and barriers of GSCM and to propose the strategies for overcoming the barriers toward green economy. Finally, the chapter concludes with discussion and recommendations.