Dr. Sahar S Elbarky
Impact of Green Service on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Retail Sector
The competitive advantage of green services has become increasingly noticeable. Companies are competing nowadays on service basis, not on products basis. The retailers as a significant entity of supply chain are beginning to explore approaches for green activities that adequately addressing current environmental concerns, and creating a value for customers, investors, and the environment. Therefore, this research seeks to investigate the impact of green services on the customer satisfaction and loyalty in the retail sector and recommend actions to help retailers to improve green services practices that impact on the customer satisfaction. Design/methodology/approach: This research is a mix between exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research. The researchers are used semi structured interviews and survey as data collection methods. The survey is reviewed by two scholars and an expert in field of green practices in order to ensure the validity of the survey for the collecting data. The researchers are used SPSS software to analysis data and conduct reliability test by evaluating Cronbach's Alpha. The researchers conducted correlation analysis are used to test study hypotheses by finding the relationships between the independent and the dependent variable(s). In addition to, ANOVA is used test to examine the difference between different groups within the same variable. Findings: The Key Findings of Results show there is a significant impact of Green Service on Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty. Value: The value of this research is to fill the gap in previous and relevant practitioners’ studies that recommend to conduct further studies focusing on green services instead of green product and its impact on customer’s satisfaction and loyalty. Research limitations/implications (if applicable): This research focused on the green services in Alexandria city, so that further studies can focus on other services in other countries and compare with this study. More studies are needed to ascertain the relation between green service environments and consumer satisfaction, customer loyalty and ultimately profit margins and sales revenues. Practical implications (if applicable): This research is a useful guidance for the application green services practices and provide the retailers with corrective actions such as raise the awareness of green service practices for the customers, reducing air pollution and fuel consumption and installation of environmental education kiosks.