Dr. Sahar S Elbarky
Impact of reverse logistics application in terms of return policy and remanufactured product quality on customer satisfaction
Extension of reverse logistics for product recovery is increasing in both the industrial and service sectors. This increase is due to its environmental, economic and social benefits. The steady supply of returns is critical for the product recovery strategies as it clearly cannot proceed without reverse them. This movement of returns from the consumer to the producer in the distribution channel is defined as reverse logistics. This research investigates the implementation of reverse logistics for remanufacturing as product recover strategy in terms of return policies, the quality of remanufactured products and its impact on customer satisfaction levels. A case study approach is followed to investigate the application and test the research hypothesis in real life context. Results achieved confirmed the hypothesis significant impact of reverse logistics on customer satisfaction in terms of the remanufactured products price, quality and a lower impact done by the service representatives and acquisition processes.