Dr. Noha Gamil Ibrahim Bayoumi
Quality Improvement in an Egyptian Higher Education Institution: A Case Study
In a competitive environment for good quality prospective students, where academic institutions are under pressure to develop employable graduates, quality of education has become a crucial differentiator. Hence, a major pragmatic motivation for this research was to be able to improve the quality of education by improving the student’s journey within the postgraduate programmes of an Egyptian higher education institution. A mixture of hard and soft modelling techniques was used and findings were analyzed, both with respect to the utility of techniques and the process improvement itself. A 'novel' hybrid Role Activity Diagram (RAD) – Soft Systems Model (SSM) was suggested and applied to the student journey process. However, we noted that although the modelling uncovered issues, it did always support innovative solutions for change nor did it help us to consider which solutions fit best with the organisational context. Therefore we suggest a fusion approach, which attempts to address this by combining modelling, maturity assessment and benchmarking into a method suitable for improvements in higher education