Dr. Noha Gamil Ibrahim Bayoumi
Modelling Course Design and Delivery Processes: A Case Study in an Egyptian Higher Education Institution
In a competitive environment, where academic institutions are under pressure to develop employable graduates, the quality of education has become a crucial differentiator. Hence, a major pragmatic motivation for this article was to be able to improve the quality of education in particular, to improve the course design and delivery processes of one of the postgraduate programmes within an Egyptian higher education institution. This improvement was achieved using process modelling approaches a mixture of hard and soft modelling techniques were applied, and a case study approach was used to analyse findings both with respect to the utility of tools and the process improvement itself. Lessons learned led to suggestions for the best ways of combing approaches which included a 'novel' hybrid RAD-SSM model being suggested. These combination approaches promise to be useful for analysing different processes and identifying possible areas for improving educational processes.