Walid - Abaza
Integrated Comprehensive Approach For Port City Interface Development Case study – Alexandria Port City Interface
Water bodies were an important natural resource in the growth of early settlements. By having various features -a defence element, a source for agricultural production and trade, a means for transportation and industrial uses- water offered many advantages for cities. Therefore, locations that existed on water’s edges, especially Port City Interface Areas, became favourable sites for the foundation of ancient cities. So, contrary to the contemporary condition, throughout the history, there was a close and integrated port-city relation. Industrial port uses and technological changes have fundamentally restructured port city interface zone all over the world, dramatically altering the relation between port and city, which affected the city image and the condition of people living and working around the ports. This research addresses the question of what constitutes good planning in the context of redeveloping port city interface areas. The changing relationships between older harbour/ports land and the city urban land, and the relationships between the urban ports and other parts of the metropolitan area, have not attracted as much attention. The replacement of old fabric and infrastructure as a result of the disconnection between the port and the city. These debates include issues of efficiency, equity, identity and sustainability. The research aims to achieve a comprehensive integrated approach for the port-city interface areas to connect the port and the city under the current circumstances and future challenges, based on theoretical foundations. It discusses the forms, meanings, and functions of Port City Interfaces with respect to people’s experience. By simultaneously learning the spatial distribution, underlying concepts, and actions of the port-city interface areas, this analysis will provide the research with a comprehensive understanding of the integrated approach methods for port city interface area development. It also offers a future vision for Alexandria port-city interface area.