Yasser El Sonbaty
A Novel Hybrid Model for Fuzzy Biometric-based Image Watermarking
watermarking is one of the most known techniques for authentication, tampering detection, privacy control…etc. in this paper, a new hybrid fuzzy biometric-based watermarking approach has been introduced for privacy protectionsource verification of medical images. concerning privacy protection of patients’ medical records, efforts have been devoted to guarantee the confidentiality of datamedical images during storagetransmission via an untrustworthy channel. moreover, it can serve for the purpose of copyright protectionauthentication of multimedia data. dct based watermarkinghvs characteristics are utilized to provide robustness to our system. the performance of the system is verified against two of the recently presented schemes in the literature according to the application domain. several attacks have been applied to the proposed schemethe experiments revealed promising results in terms of visual qualityextracted watermark distortion.