Nadine Raïf Dib
‘Celebrity Image and the Predilection to buy: A Study of Egyptian Consumers’
This paper aims to evaluate Egyptian attitudes toward celebrities in terms of their perceived image, utilizing a framework of physical attractiveness, trustworthiness and expertise in relation to Apparel and cosmetics, electronics, and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products. This study went about the investigation by quantitative approach. An online survey was sent to Egyptians, from relatively different age groups, and from two of Egypt’s main cities: Cairo and Alexandria, in order to strategically validate the study from an Egyptian context.Participants were Selected using probability sampling.Findings validate the overallsource credibility effectiveness on Egyptian consumers, in terms of correlations between endorsers’ credibility and their impact on predilection to buy the advocated products. This study made an appropriate contribution to understanding consumer’s perception from a North African perspective.