Mohamed A Dawood
The Operation methods of Global Container shipping companies
This research (The Operation methods of Global Container shipping companies) includes four chapters in addition to the Introductionary and Conclusive Chapters. This Research concentrates on the development of the Global Container fleet and the Main Global container shipping Companies, It also reviewing the characteristics of the global container shipping companies as regard to their definition , their assets of over one billion US$ an annual revenues exceeding one billion US$, their fleet capacity is more than 80,000 TEUs, and their significant presence in the most major trades (East- West) routes of the world and Hub-Ports. These companies have a monopolistic nature (oligopoly), They also achieve a lot of economy as result of the economies of scale. These companies operate their fleet on Main line services on the three axial container trades. The Transpacific , The Europe-Far east , and The Transatlantic trades. This Research highlights the Main line services of these companies. These companies use different operating methods such as operating either through Conference Independence, and operating either through Consortium , Alliances, Merger Solo , and finally operating either as Ocean Carrier MultiModal transport Total Logistics.