Mohamed A Dawood
Impact of Mega Container Shipping Companies’ Alliance on the feeder vessels Market in the East Mediterranean Region
This research on the "Impact of Mega Container Shipping Companies’ Alliance on the feeder vessels Market in the East Mediterranean Region" consists of four chapters in addition to the introduction and the conclusive chapter. It focuses on the factors that have led to the appearance of Mega Container Shipping Companies. One of the most important factors is the spread of multi-modal transportation and the employment of mega container ships on major global routes and Load centre ports operated only by Mega container shipping companies. It also shows that the three global alliances operate more than half of these mega ships. The research highlights the operation policies adopted by Mega Container Shipping Companies to operate mega container ships in an economic way by means of using Transshipment and other methods to grow either by internal growth by acquisitions merger with other companies , by forming global alliances. In addition, the research surveys the various services and routes of such companies, particularly the alliances for the east Mediterranean region, and their impact on developing and re-classifying ports in this region as well as the services provided by feeder vessels between hub and spok ports, which led to the emergence of specialized feeder companies. The research sheds light on the economic impediments that encounter the entrance of the developing countries’ fleets into container transport markets on the major routes and their ability to enter the feeder vessel market. This has been achieved by surveying the services presented by feeder companies in the east Mediterranean region in terms of the numbers and tonnage of used ships, the hub ports that serve them and their frequency rate, to extract a proposed form to operate a network of feeder vessels linking Egyptian hub ports in particular and branch ports. The present condition of the Egyptian maritime commercial fleet and the need to modernize it by replacing the old ships with modern feeder container vessels to take over the service between the Egyptian hub ports and the east Mediterranean ones have been analysed according to the study that shows the feasibility of operating Egyptian feeder vessels.