Mai - Ghazy
Towards Less Stressful Streets: An Integrated Conceptual Approach between Environmental Psychology and Urban Design
People face stress in almost all facets of their lives work, relationships, traffic etc. "In our society today, people are dealing with stress more than ever," says Dr. Lowe-Payne. Every day brings multiple demands into people's life that require processing and adjustment including the surrounding built environment which people spend a considerable time of their day commuting and/or using it. Therefore, this paper aims to investigate the impact of the built urban environment especially the street environment on its users experience specifically their stressful experience. Hence, first the psychological literature is reviewed in order to acquire a good understanding of the stress process and its theories, as a result a model is developed summarizing their important concepts and contributions. This model is then analyzed and its components are examined from the perspective of the urban field literature in order to correlate the stress process with the designed urban environment. As a consequence, a conceptual approach to studying stress in urban spaces is proposed based on concrete study of both fields.