Mohamed Saad Zaghloul
Applying CAD for Multi Sensors in Voyage Data Recorder
This paper is practical design and implementation of software developed to enhance the best use of the VDR. This software uses visual basic 6.0, and consists of VDR home page. The software has a system configuration, operation, operation procedure, and operation in remote alarm panel, removing VDR and how to release DRU. We tried to comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations. The system displays information integrates position information from the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other navigational systems, such as Radar, echo sounder, gyrocompass, day and night cameras etc. It may also display additional navigation-related information, such as Sailing Directions. This project has a general background about all inputs to VDR, and concerned with the different inputs to this system such as GPS, Radar, Echo Sounder and Gyrocompass. We will demonstrate the program which will deal with VDR all interfaces with Rader, GPS, Speed log…etc. We preferred to design the software using visual basic 6.0. This Program is a window based Software. Moreover both the flow chart and the program steps are shown. [1,2,3]