Dina Salah ElDin M. AbdelHafez ElSalmy
The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Egyptians’ Purchase Intention “The Case of Telecommunication Sector in Alexandria”
In a very competitive global market, mobile telecommunication companies must strive to portray a picture of themselves as highly socially responsible companies. Active involvement in socially beneficial programs provides extra advantages to the company. The purpose of this research is to investigate the mediating effect of consumers’ attitude between CSR activities (cause-related marketing, environmental responsibility and corporate philanthropy) involved by telecommunication companies and Egyptians purchase intention using the Baron & Kenny mediation effect test approach. The sample of this research consisted of 400 students and academic staff of the Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in both campuses Abou Kir and Miami. The sample included both male and female respondents. Data was gathered using a structured survey questionnaire, which was distributed on site at the academy. This was done to investigate the different relationships and the impact of the variables on each other. The scales used were 5 point Likert scale for measuring the items of each variable. The gathered data was statistically analyzed with SPSS. The results of data analysis showed that consumers’ attitude was partially mediating the relationship between ‘Environment Responsibility’, ‘Cause-related Marketing’, ‘Corporate Philanthropy’ and consumers’ purchase intention. Recommendations were provided for the managerial consideration in CSR strategy.