Miss. Samar Kamal
The Misappropriation of the Egyptian Sugar Industry and its Impact on the Egyptian Consumer Behavior: An Experimental Study on Sugar Consumers
Abstract Food availability predominantly signifies a major protagonist in the economic and political status of developing countries. For a developing country such as Egypt, food is not just a basic need, it withholds an enormous impact on the economic situation of Egyptian households. To the Egyptian consumers, sugar is considered as one of the most important food commodity, thus making the sugar industry one of the highly strategic industries in Egypt. Nowadays, the Egyptian sugar industry has conspicuously been facing many downfalls. Misappropriation of assets is one of the main pitfalls in the industry causing a dramatic challenge to surviving. This work presents a research agenda on the misappropriation of asset which can be interpreted into the main obstacles and challenges. It aims at investigating the misappropriation of the Egyptian sugar industry and its impact on the Egyptian consumer behavior. The research exemplified the system in the Egyptian Sugar Cane Sugar (SCS) industry to gain a comprehensive understanding of how availability of misappropriation can affect the performance of the overall sugar industry in Egypt through impacting the main participants involved in the Egyptian sugar supply chain, An empirical study was conducted on the Egyptian sugar supply chain. First, primary and secondary data were collected to analyze the current situation of the Egyptian sugar supply chain and to investigate the influential factors of misappropriation in the sugar industry in Egypt. Then, in-depth interviews were carried out with the main participants involved in the Egyptian sugar supply chain. Including governmental officials, business officials, market officials and the Egyptian consumers, to gain an insight of the misappropriation each participant is suffering from. Accordingly, the appropriate best practices for each participant were identified in order to overcome the misappropriation in the sugar industry. The results clarified the types of misappropriation found in the Egyptian sugar supply chain and it’s is negative impact on the welfare of the main participants involved including the Egyptian consumer.