Amr A Elhamy
Soundscape Experience and Its Impact On The Image Of Alexandria
Image of the city has recently been the object of several reflections, both theoretical and empirical, in a wide range of different areas of knowledge. One might say that a new upsurge of research, of a multidisciplinary orientation, on the modes of representation of the cities was started with Kevin Lynch science 1960. Thus, to the more conventional analysis provided by city planning, architecture and landscape science, as well as by urban marketing research, was added the contribution of the social sciences, from history to anthropology, from geography to sociology. At present, the ‘image of the city’ is essentially an object of transversal analysis, productively traversed by so many cross-fertilizing disciplinary perspectives. The purpose of this research is to consider a particular perspective on those images - the sound image of the cities - seeking to draw attention to the way in which the social sciences, most particularly sociology and geography, approach them and include them in the body of knowledge they produce in order to consider the analytical value of sonorities and their relationship with behaviors and urban social life and environments through doing some measurements of the existing situation of Alexandria and comparing it with the international standards.