Farah Khaled Fouad
Exploring the Personal Factors, Which Impacts People’s perception of luxury weddings
This research explores the social, personal, and event factors, which impacts people’s perception of luxury weddings in the Egyptian society. The study reflects the drivers that direct Egyptians in having the same common extravagant weddings. The conception of weddings (ideas, practices and trends) is critical nowadays since it is morphing from a simple event into a luxurious themed ceremonydue to societal and peer pressure.This study used qualitative approach to collect rich and insightful information on the topic. An interview was conducted with newly weds brides to be. According to the analysis, the research reveals that (1) Personal (2) Social (3)Event factors in weddings impact the people’s perception in having luxurious wedding events. In addition, findings signify that: decorations and flower arrangement illustrate the wedding theme, Dj is a significant source of entertainment and finally, catering quality is mandatory for good reviews of the wedding. The outcomes of this study provides significant contribution to practitioners that are related to wedding planning and to academics who seek to fill the gap between event planning drivers in regards to luxury relevant in society.