Loaloa Munir S Riad
Assessing the impact of organizational climate on employee commitment
This study attempted to examine the impact of organizational climate dimensions on affective commitment at the college of management and technology in private educational sector, in the Egyptian context. Research on organizational behavior and their outcomes such as climate and affective commitment have rarely been conducted in higher education private sector in Egypt. Data were collected on employees’ perceptions about organizational climate and their outcomes impact on organizational climate dimensions through structured questionnaire. Sample consisted of 70 employees who are working in different departments of the college. The sample included both male and female respondents. Data was gathered using a structured survey, which was delivered, on site at the college. Regression, Cronbach alpha, and descriptive statistics were used for various analyzes of this study. The gathered data was statistically analyzed with SPSS. The findings of the research revealed that Organizational Climate dimensions are significant predictors of affective commitment. Based on the results of this research, it is recommended for college staff managers to focus on the college’s innovation, responsibility, standards, rewards and clarity levels as it shows a positive signal of the employees revealing the commitment and attachment of to the organization.