Essam Kosba
College Students’ Performance According to their Gender: Case study on Engineering Graduates at Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport.
Students' performance at college is affected by many factors. Stepwise analysis on Engineering College students showed that gender is one of the most predictor variables for college performance. This paper aims to investigate the students' gender and their performance at college in association with their high school score, college graduation GPA, number of semesters spent at college, their major and age at admission time. The results showed better performance for females than males at both their high school score and college graduation GPA. As percentage, of having high scores at both school and graduation, females were better at both and finished their study at the assigned period. Based on the best college achievement for each gender, electrical and mechanical engineering majors seem to be more convenient for females while mechanical, industrial, and computer engineering majors are more convenient for males. Finally, females are also graduated with higher GPA in comparison with their colleagues of the same age.