Essam Kosba
Intelligent Examination System to Support Teacher’s Reflection Measurement of Students’ Guided Feedback
Feedback on student performance is a critical part of E-learning environments. Assessment is one of the most important activities in education to evaluate the knowledge level of a student and to highlight the mistakes and misconceptions especially, in Multiple Choices (MC) Exam which discovers the weak points of lesson in addition to prerequisite lessons. This paper proposes an Intelligent Examination Framework (I-EXAM), which includes two different types of adaptivity: a) Student receives immediate feedback during MC exam, b) Teacher monitors and tracks the students’ attempts and measure the effectiveness of his/her given feedback via a Visual Suggestion Refinement Tool (VSRT) using Data Mining Techniques. This type of analytical and diagnostic visual tool enables teachers to drill down from a high-level overview into the details of student activities, which ultimately allows enhancement of the concept map and the given feedbacks to match students’ needs.