Essam Kosba
Multi-Agent Based University Advising System
Providing accurate advice to undergraduate students during their undergraduate program and directing them towards proper course Selection is the means by which their main interests can constitute the basis for their choices in the undergraduate stage. In this paper we propose and develop a multi- agent-based university advising system for advising undergraduate students instead of the traditional advising method through departments’ advisors. This system aims at assisting undergraduate students of the Information System (IS) major at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AAST) to Select the suitable courses during their undergraduate program. The proposed system enables students to Select suitable courses for each semester without the need to consult advisors. Moreover, it takes into account course prerequisites and priorities. Java language, JADE platform and oracle 11g database are used to implement the system. As anticipated, the findings revealed that most of the undergraduate students who tested the system were very satisfied, as the results issued by the proposed system were found to be compatible to a large extent with the views of academic advisors.