Mohamed Mahmoud Omar
The Matrix Pencil Technique for Three-Dimensional Frequency Estimation
This paper deals with the problem of estimating the three-dimensional (3-D) frequency using Matrix Pencil (MP) technique. A signal modeled by the sum of 3-D complex exponentials is considered and then a MP method is applied directly to this signal on a snapshot-by-snapshot basis and hence is computationally quite efficient to estimate the 3-D frequency with high resolution. #on-stationary in the data then has a little effect for this method, as no assumption is made about the statistics of the environment. It is applied directly to the single 3- D data snapshot without forming a covariance matrix and operates in two mainly steps first, three proposed matrices are constructed from the single 3-D data snapshot, and then apply the MP approach for each matrix to extract out the 3-D frequency efficiently. Furthermore, the proposed technique is still operational when there exist identical frequencies in one more dimensions. Limited numerical examples are presented to illustrate the performance and accuracy of the proposed technique.