Nermine M Khalifa
The Role of Semantic Expansion Network in E-advising
Different tools were used to enhance educational services, one of theses services is advising. The manual academic advising suffers from many deficiencies in match making process. This is applied for student guidance and transfer cases. These deficiencies are referred to: knowledge of advisors, awareness of course contents and how to capture the student preference. Different automated techniques can be used for converting the manual process of academic advising into automated one. One of the major techniques used in educational data analysis is data mining. This paper proposes a mechanism of system using data mining techniques that calculates student achievement level regarding the available majors. The mechanism converts the individual course into a group of concepts and enables matching of similarities between concepts of different courses. The proposed mechanism will be beneficial in for transfer cases between major. Based on the system recommendation, the student can take a decision of perfect major based on the achieving level.