Nermine M Khalifa
Towards Eliciting Usability Requirements through the Development of a Questionnaire
The aim of this paper is to propose a questionnaire that is designed to model one of the software quality attributes, the usability attribute and to illustrate the method used in determining the weighting factor for each question in the questionnaire. The proposed questionnaire is to elicit usability requirements and its relative importance in the project under consideration, for example: usability could not be fulfilled without the presence of appropriate usability mechanisms such as feedback system status, undo and cancelling operations, user input prevention/ correction, wizard execution, user profile, help menu, and command aggregation, and to give a measurement for development efforts on usability related feature. The proposed questionnaire empowers developers to capture functional usability requirements and to understand the implications of and know how to elicit and specify usability features for a software system. The questionnaire instrument is refined based on insights gained from a pilot study.