Dalia Abd El rahman Farag
The Role of Shariah in shaping Egyptian consumers behavior towards sales promotion tools
ABSTRACT Purpose: This study measures to what extent “compliance with Shariah” moderates the relationship between different sales promotion tools, namely - price discount, product demonstration/sampling, buy one get one free (bonus pack), sweepstakes/ lucky draws, scratch and win offer and free samples, and three consumers` behavioral responses (product trial, stockpiling, and spending more) for buying convenience products from supermarkets in Alexandria and Cairo. Design: A total of 381 ed Muslim consumers/ shoppers were surveyed using a structured questionnaire. Findings: Overall correlation analysis between the six proposed sales promotion tools and consumers’ response behavior in general demonstrated a significant relationship. However, some specific tools did not indicate a significant relationship with specific response behaviors Furthermore, correlation analysis initially indicated that there is a positive significant relationship between all sales promotion tools and compliance with Shariah with exception of sweepstakes and scratch and win offers that demonstrated a significant negative relationship. Furthermore, after running linear stepwise regression the model was fit (58%) indicating the moderating role of “compliance with Shariah” in the relationship between specific sales promotions and Muslim consumer’s behavioral responses namely sweepstakes/games and scratch and win offers. Research Implications: Generally, speaking marketers should consider Shairiah and Islamic principles issues before creatively crafting promotional tools to attract Muslim consumers. Key Words: sales promotion tools, behavioral responses, compliance with Shariah, Egyptian Muslims, and convenience products.